“I wouldn’t say I’m evil, I’m chaotic stupid at worst”

My name is Luc, and I’m a student of computational linguistics at UZH, with a Minor in Computer Science. I’m a big fan of Books & Boardgames, as well as TTRPGS. I’ve previously failed an attempt at Computer Science at ETH – I’ve worked in Cybersecurity in Berlin, as a waiter in Switzerland, as well as various tech support roles.

Current Projects:

Flowery: A discord bot originally written in Java, currently being ported to Python

PySorge: A chatbot made using PyTorch, with a web interface written in Vue.JS

Untitled Swiss German Project: A swiss german corpus, mainly in Züridütsch – based on NOAH’s Corpus and the “What’s up, Switzerland” project, using text data from anonymized whatsapp chats collected from various people around Zurich – intended for use with NLTK

“Don’t call me before you make a bad decision, call me afterwards”

All quotes on this page are taken from the session notes of my campaigns, courtesy of one of my amazing players

“multi-dimensional sand in mono-dimensional pants”

I hope these samples have helped you get a picture of what you can except from this blog.